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PhysioFirst A WebApp that allows physiofirst's customers to book an appointment online at any of it's 15 centers spread accross the country. Without compromising on SEO and still giving it's patients an app like look, feel and experience through webapp.
Physiofirst Portal - PhysioTools A WebApp that allows PhysioFirst's admins, doctors, physios to manage Appointments, In Patient Department, Home Visits, and the add/change content of Physiofirst's multiple centers. Real Time communication between the hospital staff.
ADCS An Australian Disability Care Service Provider, who wanted to improve it's online visibility with a professional and aesthetically pleasing website, so as to increase it's reach to all the needy people.
ADCS Portal A WebApp that allows ADCS's admins, managers, and employees to manage Accommodations, Participants, Shifts, Travel Logs, Reimbursements, Time sheets, Logs, and other critical business operations. Reducing the paper trails, making the business operate more efficiently and allowing seamless connectivity.
PacoHQ A slack integration tool, wanted us to create a simple and informative website for their customers to understand how the plugin works. We integrated Ghost API for their blogs section as well.
City Livings A premium furniture designing & manufacturing company, who wanted to display it's products in order to increase it's sales and revenue. Their requirement for the website was, for it to be simple, fast and classy.
Housr A leading accomodation marketplace, who wanted us to develop a re-designed version of their homepage.
Verum - Insurance Broking Company A singapore based insurance marketplace company who wanted us to create a web-app for it's potential customers. So that they're able to search and buy an insurance for their businesses online by accessing their risk score factors. The customers can choose an insurance and do the payment online.
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